Introduction to Development of Serious Games - DIT 31013

DIT 31013 21 hours

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Introduction to Development of Serious Games teaches the fundamental concepts for managing a game project. Game producers are exposed to creative and management techniques used to plan and oversee game development. Planning and documentation are emphasized, including Instructional Design, Technical Requirements, Budgets, Project Planning, Scripting and Production. Game producers must have an understanding of all of the roles involved in creating computer games.


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Grasp an overall view of the components of Serious Game development.
  • Understand instructional design requirements of a Serious Game.
  • List the Technical Requirements of a game development project.
  • Draft a game development/production budget.
  • Create a game development project plan.
  • Understand Scripting requirements of a game.
  • Be familiar with the various documents and processes used to plan and produce a video game.
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