Introduction to University

This course will provide useful, practical strategies for reading texts, taking notes, getting the most out of lectures, studying for exams and writing term papers.  You will gain an understanding of the key elements involved in effective listening, various learning styles, memory enhancement, and time management.  This course will also help you understand your individual learning preferences and style.


  • This course is intended to serve as a preparatory course for individuals seeking to pursue university studies


  • Through this course, students will become familiar with the nature and demands of university study and will acquire personal strategies and attitudes that will enhance their ability to function effectively in a university environment
  • Students will also develop practical and effective learning, study, and time management skills, and will learn to apply strategies that will aid in the writing of tests and exams
  • This course will include opportunities to practice such skills as note-taking, organizing information, essay writing, public speaking, and library and internet research appropriate to university-level course work
  • Students will also explore strategies for effective class participation and for communicating within the university environment

Articulation for Credit

The Introduction to University course is eligible for transfer credit toward a University of Winnipeg degree if a minimum grade of C+ is achieved. The course will be transferred as MULT-01.1000.3 Introduction to University with an “S” for standing. This means that while it does count as 3-credit hours towards your degree, it does not contribute to, nor take away from, your grade point average.


Additional Comments


  • Prospective and newly-admitted students wishing to prepare for university studies
  • Current students who wish to develop and improve their study skills
  • Anyone interested in becoming a more efficient learner



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