Leadership Development - DPS 16220

DPS 16220 36 hours

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In times of limited resources, conflicting demands, and rapid cultural and technological change, public and private organizations need leaders with the vision and skills to guide them in the achievement of their goals. Leadership training and development can maximize productivity, shape a positive culture and promote harmony. To achieve this, key people must lead individuals and teams using an appropriate leadership style. This course will deal with the fundamentals of leadership, including the role of the leader and the difference between managing and leading.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand themself and their developmental goals;
  • Lead with renewed confidence;
  • Identify the qualities of effective and ineffective leadership;
  • Differentiate between managing and leading;
  • Understand the importance of effective leadership to employees and the organization;
  • Describe effective communication strategies for leaders.

Additional Comments

  • Textbook may be required
Advanced Diploma In Leadership In Early Childhood Care And Education ProgramHuman Resource Management Diploma Program (Part-time)Human Resource Management Diploma (Full-time)Management Certificate ProgramNo longer accepting applications: Project Management Diploma Program (Part-time)Project Management Diploma Marketing Management Diploma Applied Project Management CertificateOnline LearningEmerging Leaders CertificateBusiness Systems Analyst Diploma
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DPS 16220 1801 Leadership Development Instructor: Stan Amaladas
Mon -
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Room: 2BC57

No class: May 21, 2018

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DPS 16220 1809 Leadership Development Instructor: Stan Amaladas
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DPS 16220 1901 Leadership Development Instructor: Stan Amaladas
Tue -
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