Leading Innovation Five-Day Green Belt Program

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Are you ready to make innovation happen in your organization but not sure where to start?

Start here: The Leading Innovation Five-Day Green Belt Program.

This engaging five-day course will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take the first steps on your innovation journey. You’ll learn how to innovate and drive innovation in everything you do --- and that means less planning and more doing, less talking and more action. Each day you’ll learn something new that will build on your learnings from the day before and you’ll walk away with tools and techniques that you can apply in your organization immediately.

When you complete the course, you will ll receive your Innovation Engineering Green Belt Certification --- and you’ll be thinking in new and different ways to solve the challenges that your organization faces.


Day One – Starting Point

You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t have a map. You’ll learn about the process and tools that will help you make innovation happen in your organization. From engaging leadership to define the problem to building a project team, we’ll review the most important components of innovation.


Day Two – Set the Stage

Preparing for innovation sets the stage for success. You’ll engage in rapid research to gather thoughts, ideas, and unique perspectives as you gather information that will spark fresh thinking.


Day Three – Create and Define

Using your rapid research and a variety of Innovation Engineering tools, you’ll come up with ideas you’ve never thought of before. After reviewing your ideas, you’ll pick one you’re most passionate about to explore further.


Day Four – Build and Test

Using your selected idea from Day Four, you’ll dig deeper to learn more and get smarter. Building prototypes, surveying potential customers, and talking to experts are just a few of the activities you may choose as you further build and strengthen your idea.


Day Five – Make the Case

An idea without numbers is just an idea. You’ll use online tools and estimating to build math models that support your concept. By the end of the day, the business case you’ve built will speak to the feasibility of your idea in the real world.


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Program Dates:

October 3-5,13 &14 9am-4pm.


Funding Opportunities:

Canada Manitoba Job Grant Website

Canada Manitoba Job Grant Information for Employers (pdf)


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