Leading Self and Others - DPS 16224

DPS 16224 36 hours

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This course prepares students to step up and out in their authentic leader identity with confidence and resilience.  From this strong base, learning to Lead Self both personally and professionally, students are prepared to Lead Others, by building trusting relationships, through effective delegation, continuous feedback and development. All students will leave with a leadership development plan and a path of leadership practice going forward.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  •    Grow their self-awareness and recognize their personal leadership strengths through self-assessments – LPI Self, MBTI, Values, and Emotional Intelligence
  •    Define their leadership values, purpose and vision (Leader Identity)
  •    Begin to articulate their authentic leadership theory of practice – the first story leaders tell is who am I as a leader?
  •   Plan for self care and cultivate resilience to support their leader wellbeing
  •   Lead others by building trusting relationships, through effective delegation, and by asking, giving and receiving feedback
  •  Develop other leaders through coaching and mentoring
  •  Leave with a leadership development action plan for their leadership journey
  •  Step up and out in their authentic leadership, with confidence and practice leadership behaviours right away
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DPS 16224 1801 Leading Self and Others Instructor: Lillas Hatala
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