Leading Teams and the Organization - DPS 16225

DPS 16225 36 hours

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Building upon course one, Leadership Fundamentals, and course two, Leading Self and Others, this course helps leaders lead change, and build a leadership culture at the team and organizational level. Using the Adaptive Leadership Framework, a practical and integrating framework for leading at the personal, interpersonal, team and system/ organizational level, this course helps leaders to lead in complexity at the system level.


Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • ¬†Consider the adaptive leadership framework and how the adaptive approach and techniques can help you and your team and organization make progress on tough challenges and thrive
  • Understand your role as Leader as an Adaptive Leader, Leader as Culture Builder and Leader as Team Builder
  • Diagnose teams to identify the ways to strengthen the team and diagnose at the organization/system level to identify the ways to strengthen the organization
  • ¬†Leverage the power of inspiring share vision to align and engage your people to support a change initiative
  • ¬†Identify the range of strategies and tools to mobilize self and others from where you are (Diagnosis) to
  • where you want to be (Vision)
Emerging Leaders Certificate
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DPS 16225 1802 Leading Teams and the Organization Instructor: Barbara Francis
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