Learning Disabilities II - DEA 15141

DEA 15141 15 hours

This course currently has no upcoming scheduled dates. Please check back here soon.

This course continues from and expands on Learning Disabilities I.  The focus in these sessions will be on identification and recommendations for remediation of general and specific learning disabilities. Topics will include symptoms of specific learning disabilities, classroom management strategies (environmental, behavioural, and academic), practical intervention techniques, and teaching strategies.


Upon completion of this course you will possess the knowledge to:

  • define what a learning disability is
  • specific classroom management strategies useful for students with learning disabilities
  • behavioral intervention techniques to build self-esteem and increase success in writing, reading, and spelling strategies for students with learning disabilities
  • awareness of inclusive education

The values/judgements you will possess and be able to exercise:

  • sensitivity to students with learning disabilities
  • effectiveness of strategies being used with a student with learning disabilities


  • identify and discuss specific learning disabilities
  • discuss and share practical classroom management techniques in terms of environmental,  behavioural, and academic goals
  • discuss and demonstrate effective strategies to help build self-esteem
  • select ways to help students with perception difficulties or motor challenges
  • summarize techniques used to help students with learning disabilities in various academic areas


Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Part-time)Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Full-time)
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