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For the first time in history there are four generations actively participating in Canadian workplaces. Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials now occupy a variety of roles within teams and work units. As we move forward, generational diversity will only continue to further entrench itself it in our workplaces. By 2020, five generations will be present within our workforce.

Never before has there been a greater variety of opinions, talents and expertise to draw from within the workplace. Given the diversity of each generation’s set of values, attitudes, work behaviours and communication styles, it stands to reason that there are intrinsic challenges to effective interaction between generations. Discover and explore the complexities of multi-generational workplaces, while examining how effective communication can instead be used to unite generations and capitalize on human resources.

This workshop is beneficial for any person who has worked in a multi-generational environment and experienced frustration or a lack of understanding therein. Learn about each generation’s distinguishing characteristics, which impact their approach to the workplace. Gain practical tips and techniques to effectively communicate in multi-generational workplaces. Also, acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively manage multi-generations. Whether you are managing your boss or supervising subordinates, these top management strategies can lower stress, boost productivity and ultimately benefit your workplace. This is relevant for Boomers supervising Gen X and Gen Y, as well as Gen Xers supervising Boomers and/or Gen Y.

Come away from this seminar with new insight into and appreciation for other generations in your workplace, enabling you to take advantage of their unique attributes and develop more productive working relationships. Identifying and reconciling these variances will also teach you something new about yourself.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Define the key traits and motivators of each of the four generations;
  • Understand the socio-cultural elements that shaped each generation;
  • Develop knowledge about how each generation likes to work best;
  • Understand and appreciate the unique skill set that each generation offers to a team;
  • Develop effective team strategies to use each generation’s skills;
  • Develop personal skills to improve communication and working relationships with each generation;
  • Create and implement unique ways for each generation’s core values to be respected and effectively utilized in a team setting;
  • Communicate effectively with others whose skill sets and core values differ from your own and understanding does not come naturally or easily.
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