Managing Your Priorities - DPS 15194

DPS 15194 7 hours

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Managing our use of time effectively is one of the most important skills we can acquire since our time reflects our life.

Successfully planning time results in more than simply doing things faster or increasing productivity. Rather, it results in recognizing priorities and accomplishing goals.  Throughout this seminar we’ll explore various strategies that will guide you in assessing the importance of events that compete for your personal and professional time, as well as strategies for prioritizing those events. We’ll also put into practice, time planning tools that will give you the opportunity to develop your personal time management plan.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Gain control of the events that compete for your time;
  • Understand the power of habit;
  • Identify what your priorities are;
  • Manage your time and yourself in order to achieve those priorities;
  • Schedule, so things get done;
  • Deal with time stealers.
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DPS 15194 1801 Managing Your Priorities Instructor: Kari Hasselriss
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