Marketing Fundamentals - DPS 15350

DPS 15350 36 hours

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Given the quickly changing reality of a globalized competitive environment, market orientation is vital to long-term business sustainability. This course introduces fundamental marketing concepts and builds a foundation for advanced level marketing courses. Topics will include consumer decision making, customer relationship management, market research, market segmentation positioning, and target marketing. The course will also examine the impact of technological advancements and the new world of social media. Through assigned readings, case studies and lectures, students will gain a balanced perspective of marketing theory and practice.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Apply marketing terminology, concepts and principles to current marketing situations using the case methodology approach;
  • Examine the current competitive environment and identify factors influencing product market boundaries;
  • Understand the principles of market orientation and how to integrate competitive intelligence to the overall marketing strategy;
  • Apply a variety of analytical marketing tools to segment and target different consumer groups, and position products strategically;
  • Understand how social media, advertising, public relations, and branding fit under the integrated marketing communications umbrella;
  • Explore ways to differentiate products and services through brand identity, and examine brand equity and accountability from an organizational and customer perspective;
  • Develop a framework for analyzing marketing situations and consider how consumer buying patterns impact product life cycle, new product development, and pricing strategy;
  • Learn the key components of and develop an integrated marketing plan.

Additional Comments

  • Textbook required
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