Marketing Management Diploma

PACE Marketing Management Diploma Program prepares students to work in a marketing capacity with the theoretical foundation and a blend of marketing tools, systems and strategies to add economic value to any organization. 

Today’s global marketplace is increasingly complicated by converging markets and fraught with rapid technological change. To gain superior competitive advantage, market-driven organizations must define their distinctive capabilities, focus on creating customer value, and integrate their marketing strategy across the overall business operation.   PACE offers the Marketing Management Diploma Program for international students in a full-time, year-long format which includes a 4-week internship.

Next Start Dates

January 11, 2018
January, 2017


  • Apply strategic frameworks, analytical tools and fundamental concepts to a wide range of marketing management initiatives;
  • Understand how to position products and services, segment markets and identify target market opportunities;
  • Understand how innovation and competitive forces impact the business environment and apply decision-making processes and tools to guide key business decisions;
  • Analyze consumer buying patterns and employ marketing research methodologies to determine environmental and competitive factors affecting products and services;
  • Apply analytical and decision-making tools to competitor and target market analysis, brand management tactics, customer relationship management, and new product development opportunities;
  • Learn effective pricing and placement strategies;
  • Understand the power of digital communication technologies and how it needs to integrate with traditional approaches to marketing;
  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategies and articulate shared value opportunities to customers, stakeholders and employees;
  • Examine effective distribution channels and explore ways to build efficiencies and reduce costs.

Articulation for Credit

Graduates of the full-time Marketing Management Diploma Program may be eligible for up to a maximum of 18 hours of credit for the following course equivalents when pursuing a degree at the University of Winnipeg:

Articulated as equivalent credit:

  • Introduction to Business l (BUS-1201/3)
  • Fundamentals of Marketing (BUS-2210/3)
  • Advertising (BUS-3230/3)

Articulated as unallocated credit:

  • 6 hours of credit to BUS-1000
  • 3 hours of credit to BUS-2000

Additional Comments


On successful completion of the full-time program, you will be eligible for the following academic credentials:

Marketing Management Diploma and a Management Certificate


All full-time Professional Studies Programs include an internship opportunity. The internship will help you develop a working portfolio and gain tangible work experience.

Laptop Requirements

PC hardware:

  • CPU: Intel or AMD core I5  or I7
  • Memory: 4GB or 8GB
  • Display and Graphics: 
  • 15 inches LCDDisplay TFT active Matrix Colour  can handle 1920 x 1080 Resolution (2GB ram) (Optional)
  • HardDrive: 500 GB
  • Windows 7  or 10

MAC’s hardware :

  • Intel Core I5 or I7
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Graphics and Video display: Any type of video cards from Apple should work with at least of 2GB of RAM.
  • HardDrive: 512GB
  • Software to run Virtualization for Microsoft windows:
  • Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion, or VirtualBox


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