For Organizations - Masters Certificate in Project Management

Prominent national and international organizations chose this program to educate their top project leaders

Top 5 Reasons Managers Choose Our Masters Certificate:

  • Convenient class modules: applicable to every project – everyday.
  • Team-taught by real-world project instructors.
  • Great networking and sharing of experiences to reinforce your learning.
  • Designed to advance your career growth opportunities.
  • Learning that can be applied immediately in a project and operational environment

In House Delivery

In-company training: Please note that any of the Masters Certificate in Project Management modules can be delivered in-company for groups of 10 or more. For more information call 204-982-1701.

When you decide to enroll in the Masters Certificate Program, you will be in excellent company.

“I came out of this program with a lot of value in both training material and insight to project management. I felt that this was one of the most valuable professional development programs I have attended to date.”

- Jason Stearns, Project Director, Sage Internet Solutions Ltd.


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