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Layar Winnipeg Transit Plugin

The Winnipeg Transit Geo Layer lets you find Winnipeg Transit bus stops near your location. It provides route information and real-time details on Transit stops and more. It will even give you a walking route to the point you choose.

Layar is an Augmented Reality (AR) app that lets you view the world around you in Camera View, Map View, or List View and provides information about the Points of Interest around you, wherever you are, by placing (augmenting) additional information over what your camera sees. In this case, you see Winnipeg Transit stops about which you can get details.

When you see the blue bubbles floating on your camera screen [see screen shot at top right] as you look down the street, they represent Winnipeg Transit stops within walking distance. If you tap on any of the stops, you will get information about it [see screen shot at right], including the different routes that stop there, the times of the next several buses, whether there are any special features (like Handi-Transit or Bike Racks), plus links to Winnipeg Transit's mobile schedules and more.


To run Layar you need to have a GPS-capable iPhone (3GS or later) or Android device.

Layar does not run on the original iPad, but it can work on the iPad 2 with a cellular data plan. The wifi version is not supported due to the lack of a GPS.

Make sure you have Layar installed on your phone. You can install Layar directly from your phone or by visiting and selecting the version of Layar appropriate for your device.

  • Once you have downloaded Layar, do a search for "Winnipeg Transit" and you should find the Winnipeg Transit layer.
  • Launch Winnipeg Transit to find stops within walking distance of you.
  • Tap any of the floating "Points of Interest" (Transit stops) to view information about the next several buses.
  • Tap the Info button to change the search range for buses as well as search for specific bus routes.
  • Tap the Action button for Layar actions such as:

Camera View (iPad)

List View (iPhone)

Please note that the University of Winnipeg PACE is not affiliated with The City of Winnipeg. Winnipeg Transit data is being used in accordance with their Terms of Service. Data is provided by permission of Winnipeg Transit, a department of The City of Winnipeg. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions. The actual app is provided "as is" by Layar and we provide a service by accessing Winnipeg Transit data within the Layar platform.

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