Negotiating and Influencing Skills - DPS 15315

DPS 15315 14 hours

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In this interactive seminar, you will explore the concept of interest-based negotiation. You will examine a number of concepts to help you develop effective negotiating and influencing skills. Topics that will be covered include:  Types of Negotiation, Understanding Interests and Positions, Preparation, Identifying Issues, Communication Skills for Negotiation, Generating Options, Agreement and Closure and Tips and Strategies for negotiation. In this workshop you will work through a 6-stage negotiation model. You will also use a preparation form that greatly enhances your ability to be effective in a negotiation.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Examine the role of influencing in your relationships and explain the benefits of a win-win negotiation approach;
  • Examine crucial communication skills and strategies for successful negotiation skills;
  • Identify options leading to mutual gain;
  • Understand and use a 6 stage model for effective negotiation.
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