Network Security Certificate (Part-time)

This program is offered in partnership with Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT). MITT brings a wealth of knowledge to our students with state-of-the-art CISCO Labs and an integrated hands-on approach to learning. Students take the CCNA Cisco courses at the MITT Henlow campus. All other courses take place at The University of Winnipeg. To learn more about the partnership with MITT click here

This certificate provides a balanced training approach combining hands-on practical experience with the theoretical and conceptual nature of IT security. Graduates will have an in-depth knowledge of, and training in, various protocols, network standards, designs and security solutions. This program actively integrates the dynamics of MITT's Regional CISCO Academy with PACE's cryptograhy and security schematics.

As computer hackers continually develop new ways to gain accses into our networks, business and industries combat these attacks with the aid of skilled network security specialists. Graduates of the Network Security Certificate program will acquire the IT security skills to help mitigate threats to organizations and gain marketable skills in these high-growth employment sectors.

Many options for transferring of credits and credentials exist for this one-of-a-kind program. Please contact either UWinnipeg PACE at (204) 982-6633 or MITT at (204) 989-6653.

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  • Understanding of network theory and Internet security applications.
  • Ability to organize and design security policies.
  • Ability to protect and construct secure networks.
  • Ability to detect and counterattack possible threats.
  • Understanding of hardware components.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Additional Comments

  • Note: The completed MITT courses will be listed as one course with an “S” (Standing) on the PACE transcript.



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