No longer accepting applications: Marketing Management Diploma Program

NOTE: At this time we are not accepting new applications to this program. Please contact for alternative program options.

*Important Program Changes

*Effective as of September 2014, PACE will be offering some Marketing Management courses only through a full-day delivery format. Courses, scheduled in this full-day format, run on the same day each week over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. See the PACE Timetable for the specific listings of available options or contact Julie Siemens.


Program Overview

In our digital world, marketers need a much wider range of skills than ever before. Globalization, rapid technological advancements, and eCommerce are just a few of the new challenges the industry faces today. The growth of social media adds to the complexity of marketing-related positions, increasing the demand for savvy professionals in this field.


This program is designed for individuals interested in:

  • Building a career in the marketing management field and gaining the practical knowledge for success;
  • Obtaining a recognized educational credential;
  • Developing relevant marketing competencies and skills for work in this high-growth field.


On completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Develop strategic marketing plans for different types of organizations;
  • Lead the product innovation process and generate growth opportunities by analyzing consumer needs and focusing on the factors that drive their needs;
  • Plan and coordinate successful marketing campaigns, prepare promotional calendars, and create effective marketing collateral;
  • Optimize social media platforms to maximize online presence, generate leads and build brand identity;
  • Manage an organization’s online presence, create/curate online content, and enhance the user website experience;
  • Use a variety of marketing analytics to measure success.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Articulation for Credit

Graduates of the Marketing Management Diploma may be eligible for equivalent course credits towards an undergraduate degree at The University of Winnipeg.

Additional Comments


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