No longer accepting applications: Project Management Diploma Program (Part-time)

NOTE: At this time we are not accepting new applications to this program.

You may choose the NEW Applied Project Management Certificate as an alternative.

The PACE Project Management Diploma Program provides an analytical framework coupled with essential project management tools for budgeting, procuring, scoping, modeling measuring, and reporting for a broad business application. Given many of the challenges facing business today, organizations are better positioned to thrive by hiring talent who can help drive the business solution process and strengthen growth opportunities. PACE aligns this program with the knowledge requirements of the PMP designation process and industry-recognized standards for best professional practice.



This program is for individuals interested in:

  • Exploring a change in employment focus or career transition
  • Pursuing a formal credential in the field to complement their work experience
  • Obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary for success in this dynamic and expanding profession


  • Create and execute project work plans, define project scope and deliverables, determine project resources and staffing requirements, set project milestones, develop budget proposals, and successfully close a variety of projects.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the procurement life cycle including contract (tort) laws, potential legal issues, the step-by-step methodology for developing and managing procurement specifications, documents and contracts, and best practices for the vendor selection process.
  • Create a project management communication plan that builds effective stakeholder and project team communication, and gain familiarity with a variety of project reporting tools and communication templates for communication purposes throughout the project life cycle.
  • Manage change in project scope, create comprehensive risk profiles, and identify and develop mitigation and avoidance strategies that protect against a variety of liabilities and damage to organizational business interests.
  • Foster a dynamic team environment built on collaborative relationships, clearly define group roles and responsibilities of the project team, and constructively and proactively manage conflict in order to avoid potential harm to the project and/or project team.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Articulation for Credit

Graduates of the Project Management Diploma Program may be eligible for equivalent course credits towards an undergraduate degree at The University of Winnipeg.

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