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Welcome to the information section for Online Learning at PACE. Here you will find helpful information to make online learning a positive experience for you.

We currently offer three programs fully through the online format, Online Management Certificate , the Applied Project Management Certificate, and Emerging Leaders Certificate There are also several courses one can take independent of this program, many of which can be used for a variety of certificate or diploma programs. New programs are being developed for online distrubtion, please check back for more information.


What are the expectations of a student in an online course?

They are similar to a student attending a traditional class; you will be expected to work approximately 6 hours per week on your course. This includes self-assessments, project work, and collaboration with your classmates (virtually) as well as any assignments and prescribed readings that have been assigned. Although offered in a flexible online format, students are still required to submit and complete course work on certain due-dates.


What is the format of a class?

Classes are asynchronous, which means you will not be expected to be online for any live lectures. You are free to work on the course within the times you want, providing you meet assignment due dates. Most courses have video lectures (less than 10 minutes), readings, and group work. All courses are delivered on Nexus, The University of Winnipeg's online course learning management system. This is where you will find all the course information, where you will be able to connect with your instructor and fellow students.


Is an online class as valuable as a class taken in a traditional format?

Yes, it is. In fact online learning allows for more flexibility for your learning, and provides you more opportunity to go beyond the "textbook" through self-exploration and group work.


How do I write an exam?

All PACE courses that have a final exam require the student to write the exam in person. That means that you are required to attend the exam at the time and date specified on the course outline. You also need to provide photo ID and be prepared to write for up to 3 hours (e.g. you cannot leave to pay for parking).

If you happen to live outside of the Winnipeg area, and cannot attend in person you must complete the Invigilation Information for Online Learners document and provide a completed PACE Invigilation Agreement. Note there is a cost associated with this.

If you cannot make the prescribed exam date you must submit a Deferred Exam Form. Exam must be written within a week of the original date.  Note there is a cost associated with this.


Am I ready to be an online learner?

Taking an online class has many advantages, flexibility, convenience, enhanced access to course information, and the ability to have greater influence on what you learn. However, online learning is not for everyone. If you learn well through the discipline of attending a class and enjoy in-person interactions you may be more likely to succeed in a more traditional format. Successful online learners are typically:

  • Self- motivated
  • Self-disciplined
  • Inquisitive and enjoy learning on his/her own
  • Communicates well in writing
  • Wants the flexibility an online course offers

Registration: It is advised that you register for your online course at least 5 days prior to the start date. This will ensure you receive your login information and are enrolled in the course prior to the start date. NOTE: if you do not register at least 5 days prior to the start date we cannot guarantee you will have your login information for the first day of class

Additional Comments

Some courses may require a webcam for communicating and recording of presentations. Check the course outline for details.

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