Organizational Behaviour - DPS 15121

DPS 15121 36 hours

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Organizational behaviour is the study of how and why people act within organizations and the impact this may have on others in the organization and on the organization itself. This course is highly interactive and is designed to provide participants with an understanding of organizational behaviour concepts, key management concerns, issues to be considered, and current theory and practises in dealing with these issues. Through assigned readings, case studies and lectures, students will gain a balanced perspective of theory and practical applications to their business environment.


On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe key concepts and theories of motivation related to human behavior in organizational systems and connect these to current business situations and issues;
  • Understand how individuals and groups influence organizational culture and impact the dynamics of teamwork;
  • Evaluate different leadership styles and understand how to adapt these to individual employees and work environments; 
  • Develop strategies to facilitate collaboration and enhance the effectiveness of teamwork;
  • Understand the dimensions of culture on individuals and organizations.
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