Recent Changes to Seminars - Professional Edge Seminars

Please note that the following seminar names have been revised and the seminar content has remained the same. 

Course # New Seminar Name Formerly
DPS 59044 Change Management DPS 15313 Managing in a Changing Environment
DPS 59027 Enhancing Performance through Effective Feedback DPS 15316 Effective Feedback Skills and Strategies
DPS 59055 Getting Results with Project Management DPS 59003 Managing Results with Project Management
DPS 59031 Influencing the Media DPS 15267 Managing the Media
DPS 59048 Managing the Discipline Process Effectively DPS 16505 Grievances & Discipline Handling
DPS 15201 Strategic Planning: An Overview DPS 15201 Strategic Planning
DPS 59048 Understanding and Implementing HRIS DPS 15916 The Broad Impact of Technology on Human Resources
DPS 59063 Writing at University DPS 59026 University Writing and Research


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