Programming Basics for Server Administration - DIT 36078

DIT 36078 21 hours

This course currently has no upcoming scheduled dates. Please check back here soon.

Modern day server administration often requires writing custom desktop application to a web based basic web app/service. It is expected that a server admin will be able to write a simple web site or even a simple shell script. This course prepares students just for that. It teaches students basic or intermediate level programming concepts with real life demonstration, exercises and project. This course will enable students to write custom desktop application using C#/Java. It will also teach them how to write websites, web applications, web services using HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT and modern popular technologies i.e. WEB API, ASP MVC etc. It will also give an intro to shell scripting as well.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will:    

  • Be able to program in C#/Java in a basic level of fluency (class, loop, variable declaration, methods, functions etc. basic constructs are covered)
  • Be able to get into more advanced programming easily, because the foundation is already built (OOP, design pattern, error handling etc. are already covered in this course)
  • Learn how to program a web site using HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Learn how to program a web service using C#/Java
  • Learn how to deploy a web site
  • Learn how to deploy a web service
  • Be able to write shell scripts
  • Gain an understanding to connect everything they learned (by completing the course project)
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