Programming Basics for Web Developers - DIT 21124

DIT 21124 36 hours

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This course introduces students to the basic principles and tools of programming and software development.  Students will also develop strategies to solve coding problems encountered in creating a program by using tools like pseudocode and flowcharting.  Through the use of variables, loops and conditions, students will learn how to make a program do what is needed. Hands-on class work, in-class assignments, and concept demonstrations using JavaScript allow students to put their knowledge into practical application.


  • Computer and internet access at home
HTML5/CSS3 Capstone Project


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use flowcharts and pseudocode to develop solutions for complex programming problems;
  • Define and evaluate variables, functions, subroutines and parameters, and apply the rules of scope;
  • Interpret arrays, hashes and other complex data structures;
  • Describe different number systems and data types;
  • Plan, create, and execute simple programs in the Javscript language.
Web Development Diploma
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