Procurement and Contract Law - DPS 51042

DPS 51042 36 hours

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Formerly DPS 16275 Project Management III: Procurement

A strong legal foundation is essential to navigating the nuances of the procurement process. This course provides a strategic framework for procurement management and takes students through all stages of the procurement life cycle, from the planning process to solicitation, to the final bid selection. It examines important legal parameters such as contract law, amendments, “statement of works”, and vendor selection and evaluation. It also explores the vendor relationship through a real-world case, in an actual request for quotation (RFP) simulation.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Establish a basic understanding of the history of contract law;
  • Understand unique issues of contract law peculiar to Canada;
  • Understand the general terms and conditions of contracts;
  • Understand the levels and escalation of dispute resolutions;
  • Understand the major issues, concepts, tools, and techniques of procurement management;
  • Appreciate and be familiar with a general management perspective on procurement practices;
  • Understand the step by step methodology of procurement management;
  • Use proven techniques, tools and skills to manage contracts as well as research and select vendors of those services and products;
  • Understand, and use, procurement terminology;
  • Anticipate the impacts of procurement on the project and other parts of the business;
  • Understand the various types of contracts as they are appropriate for securing various products and/or services;
  • Apply the information learned in contract law to enhance the student’s ability to plan, execute, control, and close procurement related contracts.

Additional Comments

  • Textbook required
  • Daytime offering only
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