Effective Project Reporting and Communication - DPS 51043

DPS 51043 36 hours

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Formerly DPS 16486 Project Management IV: Mastering Project Communication

This course provides a comprehensive approach to project management communication and provides participants with a wide range of project reporting templates.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Apply communications strategies to meet objectives and motivate their audience;
  • Identify project stakeholders;
  • Analyze stakeholder needs and prepare appropriate communications strategy;
  • Prepare a project communications plan;
  • Manage project sponsor relationships;
  • Describe the criteria for using a project steering committee;
  • Establish scope management priorities;
  • Manage project issues, changes and decisions;
  • Prepare project progress, status, review and closure reports;
  • Describe the relationships among projects, programs and portfolios;
  • Prepare program coordination and portfolio investment reports;
  • Make effective project presentations;
  • Describe the differences between leaders and managers;
  • Exert influence on project stakeholders;
  • Apply principled negotiation techniques to acquire project resources.

Additional Comments

  • Textbook required
  • Daytime offering only
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