Risk and Decision Analysis - DPS 51045

DPS 51045 36 hours

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Formerly DPS 16485 Project Management VI: Risk & Decision Analysis

In an age of constant technological change and an ever-shifting business environment, the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. Identifying and addressing risks in the implementation phase of a project can lead to costly fixes and, in a worst case scenario, project failure. This course will focus on the tools and techniques applied to risk and decision analysis in all phases of a project and help project managers to not just detect potential risks, but also predict and proactively manage all types of risks.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand the elements of project risk management;
  • Identify, qualify, quantify and develop a response strategy, and monitor and control project risks;
  • Apply risk management processes, including inputs, tools and techniques; outputs, including risk register, PERT, decision trees and influence diagrams; and simulations;
  • Understand the influence of psychological and mathematical elements of risk;
  • Build on the foundation of the Project Management Fundamentals and Project Planning, Estimating and Scheduling courses.

Additional Comments

  • Textbook required
  • Daytime offering only
No longer accepting applications: Project Management Diploma Program (Part-time)Project Management Diploma
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