Public Relations Fundamentals II - DPS 16085

DPS 16085 36 hours

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This dynamic course applies the theory of public relations learned in PR Fundamentals I to real-life practical application. With the instructor’s guidance, students will embark on a course-long group project to develop a Strategic Public Relations Plan for an actual Winnipeg-based organization, and will be required to “pitch” their plan to the client on the last day of class.

This hands-on course will be supplemented with further learning to enrich the group project. Topics covered will include: corporate communications; brand building; crisis, issue and reputation management; PR tactics; and global public relations.  These topics will be explored through case studies and examples in the news and will span the myriad of sectors in which PR is at play.

Special emphasis will be given to social media marketing and its vital role within PR.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Develop and “pitch” a detailed Strategic Public Relations Plan;
  • Understand the process of PR at a higher level and use theory and strategy to solve PR challenges and achieve organizational goals;
  • Understand public relations activities in a broad range of sectors;
  • Engage in social media marketing and understand how to apply this knowledge to PR campaigns;
  • Anticipate and prepare for crisis and manage messages to prevent volatile situations;
  • Choose appropriate and ethical PR tactics.

Additional Comments

  • Textbook required
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