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DPS 15251 36 hours

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Finding highly skilled workers can be a challenging prospect for any HR practitioner. This course introduces leading edge recruitment and selection practices that go beyond the standard approach and will help you attract the quality of talent to fit your organizational needs. Topics include recruitment practices in the private and public sectors, professional and legal requirements, and screening, testing, and interviewing methodology.


On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify the role recruitment plays in the overall business strategy;
  • Recognize how recruitment operates differently in unionized and nonunionized environments;
  • Design a recruitment strategy that aligns with business objectives and staffing requirements;
  • Recognize how labour market trend and labour supply fluctuations impact the recruitment process;
  • Develop a comprehensive recruitment tool kit including job descriptions, interview questions and job offer letters, etc.;
  • Utilize various structured interview techniques, write appropriate interview questions for a specific job posting and articulate selection criteria;
  • Apply objective measures to evaluate job performance and finalize selection decisions;
  • Understand how Canadian and provincial human rights laws, legislations and policies impact the hiring process.



RPC:72 - Identifies the organization’s staffing needs.

RPC:71 - Oversees the organization’s recruitment and staffing policies and procedures (recruitment, selection, and orientation).

RPC:73 - Identifies the potential source of internal and external qualified candidates.

RPC:74 - Evaluates the relevance of alternatives to recruitment (developing, outsourcing, contingent workers, agencies, etc.).

RPC:75 - Develops implements and monitors processes for attracting qualified candidates.

RPC:76 - Evaluates effectiveness of recruitment process.

RPC:77 - Analyzes position and competency requirements to establish selection criteria.

RPC:78 - Establishes screening and assessment procedures.

RPC:79 - Determines the appropriate selection tools and develops new tools as required.

RPC:80 - Administers a variety of selection tools, including tests, interviews, reference checks, etc.

RPC:81 - Evaluates the effectiveness of selection processes, tools and outcomes.

RPC:82 - Establishes appointment procedures for candidates selected through the recruitment process, ensuring that conditions of employment are documented and consistent with established policies.

RPC:83 - Supports managers in the selection of candidates.

RPC:84 - Supports managers in the negotiation of terms and conditions of employment.

RPC:85 - Develops orientation policies and procedures for new employees.

Additional Comments

  • Textbook required
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