Strategic Marketing and Planning - DPS 15357

DPS 15357 36 hours

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Strategic marketing and planning is cornerstone to marketing management.

This course adopts the Harvard Business School Interactive Learning Model, which operates under the premise that success in business comes with experience and knowledge gained through connecting with customers and analyzing their needs.

The course equips students with a strategic framework for analyzing market opportunities and risks, creating customer value, and shifting current marketing approaches to enhance competitive advantage. The marketing strategy framework helps pinpoint where you are right now, ties together different marketing/business issues, and defines a marketing management roadmap in unison with technological advancement and fertile business opportunity.


Marketing Fundamentals


On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Analyze market environments and define marketing strategies to build competitive advantage and influence consumer behaviour;
  • Recognize how competitive and environmental forces shape customer expectations and necessitate flexible strategy-design;
  • Develop strategies for segmenting the market, selecting target markets and positioning products;
  • Articulate the cross-functional implications of marketing management decisions on the organization and on customer relationship management;
  • Utilize analytical and financial tools such as forecasts, breakeven analysis, budgets, and pricing, etc.;
  • Identify the drivers of innovation and recognize ways to generate marketing innovation.
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