Strategic Public Relations Planning - DPS 51056

DPS 51056 36 hours

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Understanding the strategic planning process is essential to the field of public relations. Whether global documents like an organizational strategic plan or more focused ones like communication and event management plans, analytical tools and processes help systematize and organize public relations tasks and ensure more successful outcomes.  This course will introduce students to a general template for developing an effective public relations strategy.


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Align a public relations strategy with the overall business and brand objectives;
  • Apply strategic planning tools and frameworks to evaluate and address a variety of public relations issues, risks and crisis situations impacting an organization;
  • Develop a public relations strategy using the RACE formula;
  • Understand the importance of credible research and apply analysis tools (such as SWOT and PEST) to gather information;
  • Formulate an action and response strategy that moves an organization from a reactive to a proactive public relations position;
  • Develop a communication strategy that incorporates audience analysis and message strategy;  
  • Identify the appropriate communication tactics and the communications channels for the communication strategy;
  • Recognize the key components required to evaluate a public relations plan and measure outcomes.
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