Alyza Fernandez : Student Success Story

Alyza Fernandez arrived in Winnipeg from the Philippines in 2012 and not long after joined Target Canada as a human resources team member. When Target Canada closed, she decided to pursue her interest in human resources — via Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) at The University of Winnipeg, to obtain the necessary skills for a career in this field.

“PACE Student Success Stories inspired me to sign up,” says Alyza. “I chose PACE because they have an outstanding academic reputation and I knew that they could provide me with the quality education I needed in order to be market-ready for employment.”

Alyza thrived in the PACE environment and was impressed by the instructors. “They provided the finest instructors who supported us, allowed us to grow, and encouraged us to step outside our comfort zones. Trusting my instructors and being willing to learn and take risks gave me the confidence to face the real world.”


Alyza says the program opened her eyes to the different areas of human resources and helped her discover the right career path to follow. She was hired by CancerCare Manitoba following a four-week internship, and is currently the organization’s Human Resources Intake Administrator.


Human Resource Management Diploma (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

CancerCare Manitoba

Job Title

Human Resources Intake Administrator
Wesley and Buhler Buildings