Angie Chabot: Student Success Story

After working as a pharmacy technician for 22 years, I was faced with having to leave my job due to repetitive motion injuries I sustained at work.  At the age of 49, I was extremely scared.  I knew I would need to go back to school, but what could I do at my age??


I always wanted to be a teacher but I couldn’t go back to school for 5 years due to lack of finances.  That’s when I decided to take the full time Educational Assistant course at the University of Winnipeg, PACE.


I had real mixed feelings about going back to school as I hadn’t attended school for many years.  Could I study?? Could I retain information and actually learn?? I quickly learned that I could do all of those things!!


The material was so interesting and the instructors were so engaging that the retaining and learning just came naturally.  I loved all of the courses and it was really great to be taught about all the diverse ways students learn.  The instructor’s way of teaching was an interesting combination of lectures, videos, games and presentations.  They were always available to help if needed and encouraged everyone along the way. I am now employed as a part-time educational assistant  in the Pembina Trails School Division and on my days off, I work on a casual basis in the Seven Oaks School Division.


Choosing this as my second career was an excellent choice for me.  I am so glad that I took the training I needed to get to where I am today. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming an educational assistant.  I absolutely LOVE my job!!!


Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Pembina Trails School Division

Job Title

Educational Assistant
Wesley and Buhler Buildings