Aran Lawrence: Student Success Story

Aran Lawrence took the foundational skills and mentorship he received in the Project Management Diploma Program and used them to found his own company after graduation.

After an accident prevented Lawrence from returning to his position as a locomotive technician, he looked to PACE to find a new career path. Lawrence had previous training in creative arts and business, but he knew he needed supplemental education to achieve his goals. The Project Management Diploma Program provided exactly that.

“The program allowed me to embrace my creative side, while applying structure and updated business concepts that formed a well-rounded skill set to tackle any project,” he said.

Lawrence’s two biggest takeaways from the program were that proper planning is the biggest factor in a project’s success, and that not all risks are negative if you have an understanding of them beforehand. He also benefitted from ongoing mentorship from industry professionals that helped him co-found Bluewater Digital Arts, a creative arts company that builds websites and mobile applications.

Despite his successes, Lawrence isn’t content with slowing down. He plans to continue taking new courses every year, saying that any education has the power to change your life.

“It could be something very small that you learn within a program that can trigger or unlock vast potential.”


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