Areej Tahboub: Student Success Story

Areej Tahboub is using the opportunities she received in PACE to help provide opportunities for others.

Areej arrived in Canada in 2013 and began working as a substitute educational assistant with Louis Riel School Division. Despite prior work as a teacher in her home country of Jordan, Areej found she lacked experience working with students who have learning disabilities. That, coupled with a desire to learn more about the Canadian school system, led her to seek out the advice of colleagues, who recommended she enroll in PACE’s Educational Assistant program.

Areej appreciated the engaging and accessible approach of her instructors, who often used interactive presentations and one-on-one instruction in place of traditional lectures. She found the most rewarding aspect of the program to be the practicum, which allowed her to translate the theoretical knowledge she gained into practical experience.

Areej gained from the program a better understanding of behaviour management and crisis intervention, and the staff at Louis Riel School Division has noticed her increased confidence when working with students. Her new skillset is also helping her prepare classroom projects and teaching materials.

Building on the lessons she’s learned at PACE, Tahboub now plans to further her education and become a full-time teacher.



Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Louis Riel School Division

Job Title

Educational Assistant
Wesley and Buhler Buildings