Brenley Dueck: Student Success Story

My name is Brenley Dueck, but I'm better known as Brenelz.  I am in fact a graduate of the UWinnipeg PACE program.  The course I had the privilege of taking was the Internet Systems Specialist Diploma or ISSD for short.  I was pretty young when I took the course as I had graduated from high school less than a year before I started the program.

The reason behind choosing to go to school, and in particular ISSD was pretty simple.  I had self-taught myself from a young age, but felt I needed a full-time program to help me concentrate and learn from industry specialists.  Learning online can never fully replicate learning in a classroom with all your peers.  

The next logical step was choosing what school I wanted to go to.  U of M seemed to be the most popular amongst people I knew; but upon researching it further, I didn't see anything focused in web design.  Sure they had a four year computer science degree, but that included a bunch of things I wasn't really interested in.  

That is when I found the ISSD program.  It was an intense 1 year course that allowed me to quickly learn all the skills I needed and then get back into the industry I loved.  ISSD teaches a wide array of skills ranging from using Unix, to designing sites in Photoshop, coding complex e-commerce systems, computer networking, etc...

 Stevi, Gordon and the rest of the staff/instructors over at UWinnipeg PACE were always super helpful to me, and I truly believe there is no other web course out there that keeps up with the ever-changing  industry we are in.  

After taking the ISSD Program at UWinnipeg PACE, I went on to start my own successful web company called Brenelz Web Solutions (  UWinnipeg PACE was fundamental in giving me the confidence that I could take on a huge responsibility like this.  Being a business owner truly forces you to be a jack-of-all-trades, which no other course could prepare you for.  Managing projects, and presenting to clients become paramount when you run your own business.  ISSD taught me this, as well as a lot more than simply building web pages.

I have since moved on to work at a company called Graphic Intuitions ( which is located in my rural area of Morris, Manitoba.


Web Development Diploma

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Current Employer

Brenelz Web Solutions

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Wesley and Buhler Buildings