Dennis Batacan: Student Success Story

Dennis Batacan credits his coursework at PACE with helping him move up in his career, and says interviewers are always impressed by his dedication to continuing education. After immigrating to Canada from the Philippines in 2008, Batacan wasted little time before building on his BSc in Computer Science, enrolling in the Business Systems Analyst Program the following year.

“I honestly believe that being in, and later finishing, the program catapulted my career,” says Batacan. “Hiring managers and leaders in general tend to hire and like individuals who consistently improve themselves through professional development.”

Batacan began his career in Canada as a Junior Business Systems Analyst at Great West Life, where he received two promotions before moving to his current job as the branch head for IT, Planning and Design at the City of Winnipeg’s Department of Water and Waste. He chose PACE because of its reputation for practical, relevant coursework delivered by professionals working in the field, and graduated in 2014 with the highest GPA in his program. 

Batacan, who with his wife has three children, also says that as a part-time student, he sets a good example. “To know their parents also go to school— it helps inspire your kids.”


Business Systems Analyst Diploma

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

City of Winnipeg

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Wesley and Buhler Buildings