Gavin Walls: Student Success Story

To say Gavin Walls has had a diverse career would be an understatement.

He has worked as a rig operator in Manitoba, as an operation manager in Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and in Indigenous development with First Nation communities — not to mention his successful eight-year career as a professional athlete, including as a star defensive player for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Walls chose to enrol in PACE to align and enhance his wide-ranging skill set. He is currently in the home stretch of the Project Management Diploma program and hopes to pursue a career in either construction or professional sports upon graduation.

“I chose PACE because it offered a project management program that is relevant to industry specifics, standards, and best practices,” he said. “I really enjoy the opportunity to work in team dynamics, improving time management skills, planning, risk management, problem solving, and fulfilling untapped knowledge areas within projects.”

As a PACE student, Walls says he has benefited from instructors who make complex theories accessible and bring real world examples into the classroom.

“The program is a perfect fit for me because it is unique, challenging, rewarding, and success is celebrated within a team setting.”


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