Hoang Nguyen: Student Success Story

The economy really spurred me to change jobs. I worked in the financial sector for several years but had always done web design as a hobby. A friend and I had created a couple of websites and that really pushed me to start learning more. I realized that I wasn’t learning fast enough informally and I really liked what I was doing so wanted to buckle down and get a plan for a more complete education.

Several courses such as HTML,CSS, Javascript and Web Content Management System stood out to me. The reason why I mentioned these particular courses is that the practical skills that I gained from them are extremely useful for me in my current position at BOLD Innovation, where I build apps and design e-commerce websites.

This career path was a perfect fit for me. I had a background in the business/financial sector, so by combining that with my new skills it created a wonderful opportunity to develop, manage and maintain e-commerce websites. This combination provides me many opportunities at BOLD, and perhaps my own business in the future.

I’m confident that the choice I made when I decided to change careers and pursue a diploma was the right one. Really, I wish I had done this years ago. There is a saying that the hardest step of a journey is the first one. The hardest step for me was to register for that first class. Now, I am on my way.



Year of Graduation


Current Employer

BOLD Innovations

Job Title

Wesley and Buhler Buildings