Idayat Ogungbade: Student Success Story

Idayat Ogungbade is a Human Resources Analyst at Artis Real Estate Investment Trust. She chose PACE because it is a highly recognized program known for its employment training and successful alumni. Idayat credits PACE with giving her the tools she required to succeed at work and in life.

“What I liked about PACE is the well-rounded curriculum. The program covers all aspects of human resource management and key areas of management. It used the most current ideas on all aspects of human resource management, with a knowledgeable faculty. Some of the courses also helped me to discover my strengths and uniqueness; the value derived from the program is unquantifiable.”

Idayat said she was able to learn a lot within a very short period: “The full-time program enabled me to develop very good relationships with my classmates. Through team assignments and projects, I learned to collaborate with my peers to achieve a common goal and was able to broaden my understanding of other cultures. I now have a reliable network of friends with whom I can share ideas as I progress in my career.”

Before coming to PACE, Idayat was a Compensation and Benefits Consultant with KPMG Professional Services.


Human Resource Management Diploma (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Artis REIT

Job Title

Human Resource Analyst
Wesley and Buhler Buildings