Ilona Savarynyuk: Student Success Story

In the Ukraine I obtained my Master’s Degree in Civil and Commercial Law and was pushing my career in that field. I decided to grow my knowledge and skills in the area of Human Resources as it was interesting for me to connect with people and help organizations to find the best fit for them.

I chose PACE because it was extremely easy to apply for that program, the website presented all important information about the course and university, and PACE staff was really supportive during the application process and gave all the possible help and advice to make that stressful process easier. Also, the program I chose, Human Resource Management, in a short period of time gave me an opportunity to familiarize myself with Canadian trends in the HR industry and get my foot in the door through connection with instructors who are actual HR professionals.

The most memorable experience in PACE for me was my volunteering experience. I’ve joined Student Life Committee as a Student Life Photographer, and during that time was able to capture all different cultures that are represented in PACE. That was incredible to observe how people whom different backgrounds, cultures, religious and perception of life connect with each other and become friends.

The PACE is a great first step if you want to start in the field that is not familiar to you or to update yourself on the Canadian trend of the industry if you have a particular background. Overall it is great for all the people of different ages as well as you also learning from your classmates who share their stories.

PACE gave a general understanding of the industry as my instructors were HR professionals with a huge experience all over Canada. The internships that I had after my studies were quintessential for my future career, as gave a real-world experience and strong professional and personal connections.

Don’t be afraid to start something new because of a chance of failure. Canada is a land of opportunities, and any hard work either during your studies or with some employer would be awarded.




Human Resource Management Diploma (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Fairmont Winnipeg

Job Title

Human Resources Coordinator
Wesley and Buhler Buildings