Jamie Williamson: Student Success Story

As a manager at Great-West Life, Jamie Williamson understands how quickly the business world changes. Having completed the Management Certificate at PACE, he’s now in position to stay ahead of the pack.

Williamson came to PACE as a manager of nearly 30 people in a range of service areas, including quality assurance and process development. Although he had prior, on-the-job training in his position, he wanted to gain new perspectives on management from both instructors and fellow students.

Following his graduation in 2014, Williamson returned to his position with more practical tools for problem solving. He also learned some of the secrets to being a great leader. “I learned that while the best leaders make it seem almost effortless — planning, research, and situational judgment are critical to effectively lead a team.” He also returns with the affirmation that trust, respect, and transparency are all essential to great leadership.

Williamson considers his PACE experience to be a worthwhile investment and encourages anyone who may be content in their career to explore more education. “Although returning to school as an adult after a long absence can be intimidating, I found the environment to be very open, supportive and collaborative.”


Management Certificate Program

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Great-West Life

Job Title

Associate Manager
Wesley and Buhler Buildings