Justin Anders: Student Success Story

From a very early age, the Internet captivated me. Having anything you could ever think just one search away was something previous generations could not even fathom.

I created my first website in high school and remember being blown away by the power of writing code, where your work could be potentially be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world moments later.

I planned on continuing my education once I graduated but had no idea what exactly that looked like. After countless hours of researching programs and schools, I came across the Internet Systems Specialist Diploma program. I was immediately drawn to the areas it covered and the hands-on approach. The fact that I could graduate so quickly made it that much more appealing.

It was a fast paced year but the instructors did a great job of getting us through course materials and gave us assignments that were real world applicable. I remember my first day at my first "real" job thinking how I felt experienced putting my skills to use.

After graduating, I never had any problems finding a job to use these new skills. I have advanced my career numerous times since then. For nearly the last 5 years I have been the Regional Web Developer for the highest trafficked Canadian news and information website. I develop and maintain innovative, multimedia and interactive webpages and am responsible for training staff, managing projects, monitoring traffic and work with various departments across the country.

I am 26 years old and already have 8 years of work experience behind me thanks to the ISSD program. I love what I do and look forward to what the ever-changing web environment will bring. Technology and the way people use it continues to change quickly and this brings up new and exciting challenges and opportunities. My wife and I love to travel the world and experience new adventures and can hardly wait for the arrival of our twins!


Web Development Diploma

Current Employer

University of Calgary

Job Title

Digital Project and Web Develope
Wesley and Buhler Buildings