Kate Hudson: Student Success Story

Kate Hudson graduated from PACE’s Human Resources Development program. Prior to PACE, Hudson worked at a local retailer right out of high school. She came to PACE and completed the full-time accelerated program to explore the field of human resources. 

“I picked PACE because I was very interested in the field of Human Resources,” said Hudson. “I figured if I took the nine-month accelerated program I would get a real feel for what human resources was all about. Turns out I loved it!”   

Hudson is currently the Recruitment Manager for NYGARD International:  a leading fashion company in North America that designs and markets women's fashion apparel. She recruits for all of the corporate offices including Winnipeg, Toronto and New York as well as some overseas recruitment as the needs arise.   

“PACE definitely helped build a solid foundation to start my career by giving me a broad scope and educational understanding of all aspects of human resources,” explained Hudson. “By dabbling in everything (human resources related) I was able to really hone in on what fields I enjoyed the most. I really enjoyed the diverse student group work as well the variety of courses I got to study. The work practicum was also a great component. Getting real world experience allowed me to apply the knowledge into hands on work experience.”


Human Resource Management Diploma (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Nygard International

Job Title

Recruitment Manager
Wesley and Buhler Buildings