Khal Shariff: Student Success Story

Watch Khal's video.

Khal Shariff is a graduate of the Internet Systems Specialist Diploma program, or ISSD.

He is currently the CEO of Project Whitecard Inc. and manages 10-12 individuals whose specialty is creating educational games, apps and websites.

Project Whitecard's staff is very proud of the work they do, which includes 4 educational software titles for the Canadian Space Agency which reached over 2 million children.

Khal and his team directly apply their ISSD skills in a 2013 project for the Mozilla Foundation, which is the creation of PHP Modules that allows the awarding of "Open Badges," official 90x90 images to recognize achievements in common core science curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12 sciences.

Since Khal graduated from ISSD he has served multiple times in the last 5 years as the instructor in the capstone eCommerce project for other ISSD students.

"I feel that I was in a transitional period when I entered ISSD. I had some skills and a natural knack for programming, as evidenced by a first half of a career at CBC in Toronto, but I needed to do more; I needed to know more. Looking around the country, the great care the University of Winnipeg had taken to flesh out information topics and practical programming skills made it my program of choice, and no better and more interesting a year was spent than the full time one in the U of W. I was able to exit, start a business, and continue to build on the fundamentals as others joined me to build Project Whitecard."


Web Development Diploma

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Project Whitecard Inc.

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Wesley and Buhler Buildings