Lisa Lange: Student Success Story

What is your background?

I worked in the travel industry for 10 years prior to going back to university. I owned my own travel business for 7 years and then worked as a Business Development Manager for a leading travel company for 3 years. Due to the declining economy positions were cut and mine was one of them. At that moment what I thought was a misfortune became my biggest blessing.

Why did you choose PACE?

When applying for jobs I was being overlooked because I did not have an education to complement my professional experience. The U of W PACE Human Resource program was appealing to me because I was able to complete the program in one accelerated year. This time frame would allow me to get back into the work force as soon as possible without a significant gap in my resume. The U of W is a respectable university and holds credibility with employers worldwide.

What were some memorable experiences at PACE?

The people would definitely be the most memorable part of the program. The administrative staff was very helpful. They listened to your cares and concerns and bettered the program where they could.

The instructors were subject matter experts in their field allowing you to benefit from their knowledge. They taught in a manner that allowed you to put real world experience together with text book learning. They truly cared about you, your education, and where your credentials would take you after graduation. Many teachers are still mentors and coaches to their past students, helping them grow and develop in their careers.

Besides my education, my peers were one of the best things to come out of the program. I have maintained many relationships that I know will continue to develop. Now that we are all in the workforce they have helped me embrace the world of Human Resources and are there with recommendations when dealing with difficult situations.

Why would you recommend PACE?

Next to a degree in business, it is the highest level of education you can achieve in Human Resources and gives you an advantage in the employment search. The program works at a pace that allows you to move forward with your career in a reasonable time frame.

They have a great internship program that provides work experience opportunities once you have completed your education. In my case I was brought on by The City of Steinbach for my internship and offered a Human Resource Assistant position upon completion. Since that time I have been promoted to Human Resource & Payroll Manager.

How did PACE aid you in your career/personal goals?

It gave me the education that I needed alongside my experience to achieve my career goals. The program also provided the basics for my payroll designation, and I recently completed my Certified Payroll Management (CPM) designation with Canadian Payroll Association. I am now working towards achieving my Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.


Human Resource Management Diploma (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

City of Steinbach

Job Title

Human Resource & Payroll Manager
Wesley and Buhler Buildings