Mirna Sainz-Gomez: Student Success Story

Originally from Mexico, Mirna Sainz-Gomez recently completed her internship at the ALS Society of Manitoba, and now works there as their Events, Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

She chose PACE because it was exactly what she was looking for. “It’s a one-year diploma, at a recognized university in North America, and with affordable student fees,” said Sainz-Gomez.

Sainz-Gomez found that her Public Relations, Marketing and Strategic Communications diploma opened doors for her in the field of communications in Canada. In addition to the program being well-recognized in the job market, it gave her solid tools and real connections to gain employment.

“I really enjoyed studying at PACE,” said Sainz-Gomez. “It exceeded my expectations. This one-year program offered me the perfect mix of education. It was an updated 360-degree communications overview, with a high-level of English writing, offered by great instructors.”

As an international student, she found this full-time program to be ideal for what she needed.

“I was fully immersed in an intensive training and learning process on how communications and marketing currently work to help business grow in very competitive markets,” said Sainz-Gomez. “When you are serious in taking your career to the next level in the international job market, PACE is definitely an option to consider. Going back to school helped me reconnect with my passion for communications and to take a step ahead in my professional career.”



Public Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communication Diploma

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