Nanci Potton: Student Success Story


I am a graduate of the Educational Assistant Diploma Program offered through the University of Winnipeg. I think one of the best features of this program is the instructors and staff. It was obvious that they really wanted to see their students succeed and worked hard to bring out our talents and confidence. The environment at the Buhler Centre was positive and inspiring. I liked that the program offered a practicum in my school division. It was instrumental in securing a job once I had finished the program. I started out in Nursery/Kindergarten at my practicum school immediately after completing the diploma program and thoroughly loved working with the little ones. However, always one to push myself, I received numerous phone calls to substitute at a high school level. I was hesitant at first, but I now realize that it was their height that intimidated me. I am now enjoying my second year at Kelvin High School and I've never been happier! I love working in the Winnipeg School division where I have made lasting friendships with other staff within the division.

I knew I needed to make a change in my life for me and my son and to continue my education was the only way to make that happen. Following in the footsteps of my mother and sister-in-law, I chose to become an EA after seeing what a rewarding career it was for them. As a single mom, the Educational Assistant Diploma Program was a perfect fit for me! The program schedule worked well with daycare and I still had enough quality time to spend with my son at the end of each day. I am so grateful to everyone who supported me, at home and at The University of Winnipeg and would like to thank them for my success!


Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Winnipeg School Division

Job Title

Educational Assistant
Wesley and Buhler Buildings