Nikki Leganchuk: Student Success Story

Nikki Leganchuk is currently a Talent Acquisition Advisor at Great-West Life (GWL). Nikki found the PACE, Human Resource Management Diploma program provided her with the tools to succeed and achieve her career goals. Her current role involves managing the end-to-end recruitment for various lines of business at GWL. She also assists in the development of recruitment plans with hiring managers and collaboratively works with HR business partners and advisors to anticipate talent requirements, and attract / source top talent.


It was important for Nikki to take a program that met her scheduling requirements as she was working full-time. “The PACE HR program is well structured, accommodates part-time schedules, and is led by instructors with real world experience in the human resource profession,” says Nikki. She believes that having those real-world experts teaching provided her opportunities to learn about the various career options within the field, which in turn allowed her to explore how each course aligns in the larger human resource profession. “There is no doubt that the quality of education I received at PACE enabled me to advance my career to the next level.”


Nikki enjoyed the informal networking opportunities available within her own classroom. Through networking with classmates and instructors that were already established in the human resource profession she gained a greater understanding of the different evolutions of career paths. “Informal networking helped me develop softer skills, such as building relationships and developing a rapport with my peers — skills that I’ve found very applicable in my daily work.”


“PACE was an easy decision for me with its excellent reputation, availability of part-time evening courses and culture.” She also appreciated that the PACE community was very welcoming and offered many affiliations and connections with the external job markets. As such, she recommends the programs to anyone looking to achieve their career goals.


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