Norm Gould : Student Success Story

Norm Gould has several degrees but returned to UWinnipeg to complete his Canadian Risk Management designation at PACE.  "Prior to attending  UWinnipeg, I was selecting professional development in a piece-meal fashion," explained Gould. "PACE provided me with the ability to professionally develop in a supportive way in order for me to balance work/life/education.”

Gould believes PACE is at the forefront of course offerings, "Enterprise-wide Risk Management is a relatively new frontier in many work sites," shared Gould. "The program provided a comprehensive course offering that stands up to global scrutiny. PACE has such a wide variety of course options and scheduling that it allowed me to truly personalize my professional development."

Gould was able to earn his Certified Risk Management (CRM) designation in a reasonable timeframe. "The courses were reasonably priced and the location was conducive to part-time programming," said Gould. "I liked how the courses included a wide variety of students."

He added: "The PACE program afforded me the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with those in the industry and to learn from those already performing the risk management function within their work place," said Gould.

Currently he is Vice President of the Manitoba Teachers' Society (MTS), Vice President of the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) and Vice-Chair of the Teachers' Retirement Allowances Fund (TRAF).

The long-time teacher at multiple school levels and in a variety of positions is serving his second term as Vice-President of MTS and has been involved with the Society for eight years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of Winnipeg, a Bachelor of Education from Brandon University and a Master of Education with a specialization in educational law from the University of Manitoba.

Gould’s alternate life includes coaching curling at a world-class level. He has two world championship titles to his credit and many Brier appearances as coach.


Canadian Risk Management Program (CRM)

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The Mantoba Teachers' Society

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Vice President
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