Ruth Brant: Student Success Story

Ruth Brant worked with a local credit union for several years after earning an undergraduate degree in Global Political Economy, but she knew she wanted more.

“I wanted a career change and a challenge, so I started thinking about going back to school,” explained Ruth. “I had a temporary role in the credit union that was project-related, and I liked it enough to consider pursuing a career in project management.”

After researching what project management programs are available on Manitoba campuses, Ruth picked PACE. Her decision was based on actual recommendations from project management professionals in Winnipeg; PACE was ranked highly for its comprehensive program and its reputation in the industry.

“PACE helped me gain skills I didn’t have before the program,” said Ruth. “The hands-on approach allowed me to take risks in the classroom that weren’t possible in the workplace. Not only did I learn about project management from experienced instructors among a diverse student body, but the courses and workshops in communication, leadership, negotiation, and resume-writing all rounded out the experience.”

After completing the program she became a Project Management Analyst for Investors Group.

“Going back to school was a leap of faith — I didn’t know a lot about project management before the program, but it turned out to be a fantastic fit.”


Project Management Diploma

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Investors Group

Job Title

Project Management Analyst
Wesley and Buhler Buildings