Sheila Yosyk: Student Success Story

Sheila Yosyk is a manager, regional administration, corporate services with the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada with the Government of Canada.

Yosyk, who completed her program part-time, said “it was very important to find a program that could fit within my life and work schedule.”

The PACE program provided her with confidence in implementing projects and dealing with contractors and stakeholders in her job and improved her communication skills. 

“This program also provided effective tools and templates that apply to all projects, allowing me to take the classroom exercises and apply them to existing projects,” said Yosyk. “I gained a better understanding in the area of procurement, risk management and cost management.”

Yosyk enjoyed the network of people she met in her classrooms. “Our shared experiences, perspectives, collaboration and the cohort-based instruction by the business leaders gave us the expertise and knowledge in the respective fields that broadened our educational experience.”

PACE allowed Yosyk to advance her education within an area of interest to her. The program also has contributed to her career and a feeling of personal improvement.

“PACE allowed me to become more comfortable in my current position,” expressed Yosyk. “This course appealed to me because I currently have projects that require the ability to speak the language of project management.  I also believe everything in life can be a considered a project.  This course not only assists me with my current position, but it will also help me in personal and community projects as well future advancement in my career.”


Masters Certificate in Project Management

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Government of Canada

Job Title

Manager, Regional Administration, Corporate Services with the Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada
Wesley and Buhler Buildings